Banetti pasta meet with consumer at CNR Expo


The exquisite Banetti Pasta, prepared by Danilo Zanna, was offered to visitors from around the country and from abroad. Gifts were given to the stand visitors. Banetti brand 17 kinds of pasta and flour products were presented to the liking. At the fair stand, the famous Italian chef Danilo Zanna was amazed with pasta from the recipes from the 7 regions of Turkey special to the Banetti brand while the smells of cookies made from Banetti flour enchanting the stand visitors. 

From 1 to 4 September at the CNR Expo; Sector professionals are brought together; At the WorldFood Istanbul fair Banetti Makarna stand, which was the first time to exhibit this year, Banetti Brand General Manager Ali Bayar personally took care of the guests while many new domestic and international business connections were being established. Banetti Authorities; Acarsan Makarna'nun Food Construction Industry and Commerce Inc. Executive Board Members Kesfail Acar and Şükrü Acar, Strategic Marketing Manager; A. Funda Önçağ, Sales Manager in Turkey; T. Tuna Türedi, Foreign Trade Managers İlter Özbay and Can Alnıaçık, Product Manager Nebahat Özdemir, Food Engineer chef Fehmi Göksen has been very pleased to welcome the exhibitor for 4 days, while responding to the questions of the consumers personally, added Italian Chef Danilo Zanna would introduce Banetti's taste with surprise activities next year. Acarsan Macorony has one of the largest and modern production facilities of Turkey. In 1977, Selim Acar started commercial business by Food Construction Industry. The facility, which started operation in 2003 with a production capacity of 600 tons of flour per day, In addition to the current capacity in 2014; Daily 400 tons of pasta, 700 tons of semolina and 150 tons of instantnoodle in 2016, reaching a total of 1850 tons / day. The product is produced from 100% durum wheat, which is a gift of Anatolia to the world cuisine. Fully computer controlled integrated facility; It monitors the quality control standards in the most rigorous manner in all processes from raw material to final product and advanced laboratory facilities is the proof. 

Banetti Macorony has been produced at Acarsan Macarony Flour Food Construction Industry and Trade Corporation facilities which has many certifications such as ISO 9001: 2008, DIN EN ISO 22000: 2005, DIN EN ISO 14001: 2009, OHSAS 18001: 2007, HELAL, KOSHER, TSE, BRC 

Acarsan Macarony Flour Food Construction Industry and Trade Corporation with Banetti brand exported to many countries at Far East, Middle East, Asia, Europe, South America and North America.continents.