» Pasta is a very satisfying food and compared to bread, it is very rich in Vitamins A, B1 and B2, iron, calcium, phosphor and protein.
» The complex carbs in pasta keep you full since it mixes with blood very slowly; and it is easily burnt in the metabolism, turns into energy very rapidly and therefore it is easy to digest.
» It contains nutritional fiber.
» Pasta supports weight maintenance; unlike what is known, it does not make you fat, it is very nourishing.
» It decreases the risk of diabetes. It decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
» It contains a very low level of fat (it contains 1-1.5% of minor fat compounds and high level of linoleic fat acid; it decreases the cholesterol level).
Pasta is a main nutrition source for the sportsmen and performers who require immediate energy source or prepare for a performance, in other words for everyone who is dealing with works requiring physical effort. » In addition to health related benefits, pasta is a product which contributes to the economy of a country.
» Pasta can be prepared with several other ingredients such as ground beef, cheese, vegetable and mushroom. The sauce alternatives are endless.